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Industrial Supply Distribution

Our Mission

To continually reduce costs and improve the competitive position of our customers, in the process of materials management and procurement of MROP supplies, OEM materials, and capital goods. We excel at sourcing specialty and customized products.

Our Solution

You learn a few things about cost efficiency and resource management when you've been servicing clients and the community for as long as we have.  The president of Fulton Supply (Joel Roth) has corralled all that knowledge  and encapsulated it within a clear, concise guide that will help customers find their own innovative solutions to common industry problems.

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Our Services
Man Fixing Pipe
Construction Worker

                                              Manufacturing                                              Construction                                               Government 

                                                     Sourcing                                                                      Budgeting                                                               Contract Management

                                                     Procurement                                                             Design                                                                       Quality Standards

                                                     Value Added Analysis                                           Cost Analysis                                                        Specification Conformance

                                                     Integrated Supply                                                   Safety Solutions                                                  Component and BOM                                                                                                                       Vendor Inventory Management                      Alternative Methods and Materials            Legacy Sourcing

                                                     Cost Reduction                                                        Warranty Negotiation                                        Military and Export Packagin                                                                                                       Standardization                                                       Code Standards                                                    Source Inspection

                                                     Usage Analysis and Reporting                         Customization                                                       First Article Testing


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