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Fulton Supply Lofts--1924 photo-front fa
Fulton Supply Company was originally founded in 1914 by George Winship, a local entrepreneur who owned a real estate company, a foundry and a number of other enterprises. He was also first cousin to Robert Woodruff, the founder of Coca Cola who built a soda novelty at a local pharmacy and turned it into a global icon. George Winship and his brothers were so successful that after 10 years they built their own headquarters a few blocks away and continued to grow Fulton Supply Company through the Depression and World War II. The current owner acquired the company in the 1980's.  The building on Nelson St., in the heart of downtown Atlanta, continued to serve as Fulton's headquarters.  It was even used as a filming location for a number of motion pictures shot in the downtown area.  In 2014, the company was moved to Stone Mountain and the historic building was converted to loft apartments.
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